Lesson Format

Lessons at the studio are not 'cookie cutter' regimens centered on doing the same activities and exercises week after week with each student. I take into account my students musical tastes, opinions, personalities and goals. Unlike some teachers who simply trudge through method books one page at a time, I teach my students to grow as musicians through a variety of instructional techniques and cater to their tastes as much as possible. Many students on my roster have joined after being unhappy with the progress they were making elsewhere. Under my guidance students will learn practice techniques that help expedite the learning process. I try my best to ensure that my students practice results in realization of their goals. Feel free to ask for references.

Players of all experience levels are welcome to take lessons at my studio. The roster of students regularly includes children as young as eight years old as well as older adults. I welcome both beginners and advanced players who are looking for direction. No one is too old to begin from scratch or too experienced to learn new ideas and techniques. Many active performers in the area have taken lessons at my studio with the goal of fine-tuning their technique or increasing their understanding of music theory as it applies to guitar. Teaching music theory is one of my specialties and I am glad to help students understand and apply it to their playing.

Key areas of instruction offered at my guitar studio:

Guitar Lessons

Guitar instruction starts with learning the fundamentals of proper technique, posture, hand position, learning the notes, basic chords, strumming patterns and may also progress towards finger-picking and mastering a variety of accompaniment and lead guitar styles. There will be plenty of learning "out of the book" as we break down and figure out songs that you are interested in playing. Just bring in a recording of anything (including music without any guitar at all), and I will write it down and demonstrate how to perform it in a way that you can easily understand. I also am happy to make video demos of lesson material for my students.

    • Music Theory

      • Having a solid understanding of how the notes lay out on your instrument, what keys are and how scales, keys and chords are related can be a HUGE asset to any player looking to break out of their ruts and expand their musical ability. I enjoy helping my students learn music theory and showing them how to apply it to such things as improvisation, memorization and analysis of songs based on common chord progressions, composition and much more. Learning music theory can open the students mind to the infinite possibilities of their instrument. When they see the unlimited number of applications there are on the instrument they too will begin to think that boredom is a mental illness! Guitar is NEVER boring! Knowledge and application of music theory opens MANY doors for serious musicians.

      • I encourage students to learn how to read and comprehend standard notation along with giving them a better understanding of how to read guitar tablature (AKA tabs). We will begin with reading notes and rhythms all the way through advanced theory instruction including harmonic analysis of music and ear training. Instruction is also available in preparation for college music theory courses for current undergrads or high-schoolers who wish to major in music.

    • Music Composition

      • Have ever wanted to get some creativity out of your system or just had a tune in your head that you didn't know what to do with? You can learn how to write your music as well as how chords and scales can work together to create songs. I encourage creativity and improvisation. I enjoy showing students how to go about notating their own songs as well as discovering ways to come up with new ideas. These ideas can be cultivated and turned into music for you and others to enjoy.

Overview of what to expect at various playing levels: