What to expect

No previous experience is required. I have helped many students learn to play from the ground up. I take care not to move too fast and am happy to do everything I can to make sure the student is clear about how they are to practice and what they need to do to become better musicians. I use a variety of methods depending on the student and am always happy to go through lesson material as slowly and clearly as possible for the student to understand it and practice correctly.

I make sure my students learn how to read tablature (AKA 'tabs') and standard notation. I try my best to get students to learn through learning music by artists they enjoy when possible. My goal is for them to have fun while learning how to play the guitar. For my younger students I encourage parental involvement. Parents are welcome to 'sit in' on some lessons if they would like, depending on the students feelings about it. In this way parents may be able to help them with their practice sessions.

Learning to play guitar is not something that happens without practice and focus. The more time and focus a student is able to devote to it the better the results. I always advise my students to go home and practice right away on the day of their lesson so they retain as much as possible of the lesson material we've covered. Daily practice sessions of at least 20 minutes are advised. It takes great patience, persistence and discipline to master the guitar. Click here to get an idea of what materials you might need to get started with lessons.