What to expect

I work with my intermediate students toward expanding their understanding and application music theory, chord/scale relationships, ear training along with working on both improvisation and composition. I'm happy to accommodate the personal needs and tastes of intermediate students, catering to their musical preference and goals while challenging them and inspiring them to expand their ability and broadening their musical exposure. I am also happy to spend time with them helping them learn to play songs they would like to pick up on.

Here is a list from my Jazz Styles Guitar course at UMD of some topics that I typically cover with intermediate students.

Students will develop knowledge and proper technique on guitar.

Students will be exposed to the primary foundations of music theory and its application to the guitar.

Students will be able to demonstrate a complete knowledge of the chromatic, major and minor scales including related fingerings.

Students will learn basic chord theory and extended harmony via chord scale relationships.

Students will develop sight-reading skills and better augment their musicianship through sight-reading to open doors to previously inaccessible lesson material and resources for musicians.

Students will develop the ability to play in rhythm through application of playing in time with a metronome, playing along with other musicians and recordings.

Students will learn to properly perform lesson material through memorization and will perform songs and chord progressions in a variety of keys and styles.

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