Jacob Mahon


Lessons are fun, affordable and good for any level of guitar player. Jimi is a master.

Bill Simmons


I'm guessing if you're reading this you are looking for a place to take guitar lessons. Look no further. Call his number and get signed up! I started taking lessons with Jimi about 6 months ago and have learned far more than I did after a year of trying to learn from YouTube videos and self teaching books. Having never played an instrument before it is nice to have someone point out the mistakes you're making as well as being super encouraging at the same time. And he's great with all ages. I'm 57 and the young man ahead of me i'm guessing is 11 or 12 maybe. Jimi does an amazing job of relating to him and his style of learning and me and my style of learning. I started out just wanting to learn to play, but Jimi has turned it into a passion to really learn the guitar. What an amazing guitarist and music teacher. If I could I'd give this rating 11 stars!

Michael Skopinski


Jimi teaches guitar to two of my kids (ages 7 and 9) and I would definitely recommend him for lessons. I wasn't sure if my kids were too young, but Jimi does a great job explaining musical ideas and technique so it's easy to understand. He is pretty laid back and has a good sense of humor, which worked well with my kids. There were a few times where we weren't able to make our scheduled time and he worked to fit us in elsewhere. I appreciated the flexibility.

My kids are beginners but a few of the other students we heard while waiting for our turn were more advanced players. We also heard a wide range of music styles covered in his lessons. No matter your experience level or preferred style, Jimi can help you out. He's a really versatile player and teacher. Highly recommended!

Michael Buncher


I've had Jimi as a teacher for well over a year now. I keep going because it never gets stale, there is always so much more for him to teach me, and he makes it FUN. He strikes a great balance between learning songs, general playing techniques/chops, theory as well as having a broad knowledge of many genres. First he helped me get some rock/metal chops, then surf, then country, now blues and whatever I happen to be enjoying at the time. If I come in and just want help learning a song, he will walk me through it, give advise on hand/finger positioning, picking/strum patterns, explain theoretically what is going on in the song part, suggests other similar artists/guitarists I should check out, as well as talk shop and help with guitar setup/maintenance/modification. More than anything though he makes playing guitar fun! I have had close to a dozen guitar teachers in my life and never felt like I improved and guitar always became a chore. Its still fun with Jimi.

Andrea Junker


I started lessons with Jimi in 2009. My goal was pretty straightforward: to improve my tab reading ability and maybe learn a couple of fingerstyle tunes in the process. I stayed for 6 years (crazy long for lessons) because there was so much more to learn, none of which had been even hinted at by the half dozen or so other teachers I had over the years. Jimi is very knowledgeable about music theory, music in general, and guitar in virtually all of its forms. Perhaps most importantly, he is willing to teach you what you want to learn so that lessons remain fun and interesting. My only regret is that I did not have this opportunity decades ago. Excellent teacher = great experience!

Dave Klumb


I've been going to Jimi for 6 months now, he makes learning guitar very fun. I feel like my skill set has really improved and look forward at continuing to get better.