What to expect

Many students come to me with a fair amount of musical experience but have run into road blocks, not knowing where to go next to better their musical skills. I am happy to accommodate their individual needs.

Here is a list from my Pop Styles Guitar course at UMD of some topics that I typically cover with students looking to progress and bust out of ruts.

Students will develop knowledge and proper technique as applicable to particular musical styles on guitar.

Students will learn essential rudiments of guitar such as tuning by ear, stringing, and care and maintenance of their instrument.

Students will be exposed to the primary foundations of music theory and its application to the guitar.

Students will gain a complete knowledge of the chromatic scale, including mastery of four standard fingerings of the scale on guitar.

Students will learn to utilize chords and strumming techniques and learn to apply them to a variety of musical styles.

Students will develop sight-reading skills and better augment their musicianship through sight-reading to open doors to previously inaccessible lesson material and resources for musicians.

Students will develop the ability to play in rhythm through application of playing in time with a metronome, playing along with other musicians and recordings.

Students will learn to properly perform lesson material through memorization and will perform songs and chord progressions in a variety of keys and styles.

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